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Cabinet 212DS is based on two Celestion: Vintage 30s 
This speakers are thought to be the best guitar speakers.

This cabinet has a modern closed enclosure.
On the back side are 2 jack sockets which are designed to connect amplifier or another cabinet. Thanks to that, one can avoid using long connecting cables between the cabinets and the amplifier in a "chain" usage.

Use of two speakers effected that the tone is better than cabinets with 4 speakers and it is not so troublesome.  A set of two 212 cabinets is more universal than a 412 cabinet itself.

Available type.

  • CLASSIC - made from plywood which causes that the sound to be drier, but there is a very quick response and the sound is clearer.
212DS's Data:
  • Power: 120W RMS,
  • Celestion speakers: 2x Vintage 30
  • Impendence: 8 Ω or 16Ω,
  • Output: 2 - connected in a parallel way
  • Dimensions: 740 x 440 x 320,
  • Weight: 24,5 kg,
  • a possibility of fixing wheels.

The product above is the result of a 45-year-old tradition of "Laboga" Adam Laboga, in which are used experience, knowledge, and copyright technical solutions.




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